Our goal is to raise awareness about Donald Trump the liar, the sexist, the bigot, fascist, narcissistic, dangerous, ignorant bully while raising money for our charities to fight the injustices that Donald Trump stands for.

Our thoughts on donald trump

Donald Trump is not a serious political figure who commands respect. Trump believes marriage to be betweenone man and one woman, which means he’s openly bigoted against the LGBT community and the rights of same-sex couples. Donald Trump as president sends America’s progress back 50 years! He’s not the business mastermind people consider him to be. He has filed bankruptcy multiple times, which means he make very bad decisions and has gone broke – more than once. In foreign peace talks, Trump would most likely walk out if people didn’t agree with him. He’s not balanced enough. He knows nothing of science or mathematics and thus doesn’t lend any credibility to stem cell research and other scientific advancements. Donald Trump is far too impulsive. An American President cannot afford to be so impulsive. A President needs to be measured and calculated and willing to compromise. These words do not exist in Trump’s vocabulary.

The contents of this page are making a political statement against Not My President. They are protected by Freedom of speech which is the right to articulate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship, or societal sanction. The statements on this page are not directed towards sales of the candy bar but are our political views.